Here’s My Story

Elsie Ryan

My name is Elsie Ryan, and I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and yoga instructor for the last four years.

Before that?

Well, I was anything but. I worked in retail, which I hated, and hit a staggeringly high weight that made me unhappy.

Where I am now in my fit life, I weigh about 40% of what I used to, muscle and all.

It wasn’t easy. I’d be lying if I didn’t say there were numerous pitfalls along the way, and plenty of setbacks.

I messed up plenty of times, but now I’m where I always wanted to be, and once you get here, it’/s easier to maintain it.

Do I still gain a little around the middle during Christmas when everyone’s baking?

Yes, I fall victim to that. I have my days where I say, “Why did I eat that?” to myself, but we’re all human and prone to mistakes.

Your weight loss mistakes don’t define you for a single second.

I’m here to help you along the way, and show you better alternatives to weight loss that actually work, even if they take work to get the wheels moving.

Together, we’re going to help you make your own weight loss success story, get healthier, and find the right way to maintain this new life forever.