10 Celebrities with a Huge Weight Loss

Celebs With Huge Weight Loss

Celebrities often get scrutinized for everything they do.

Whether it the upcoming professional project or a personal commitment, everything seems to be public.

And their weight is not an exception. People are often concerned when their favourite celebrities gain weight while they tend to be curious when the opposite happens.

In this post, we have rounded up 10 celebrities who have successfully managed to lose weight. While some of the celebrities combined low-calorie diet with an intense workout, others used different types of fad-diet, weight loss supplements, injections, and surgeries.

Let’s take a look at the incredible weight loss journey of some of your favourite celebrities.  

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the celebrities with a huge weight loss, we got you covered:

Weight Loss

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adele transformation

The 31-year-old single British singer is now ready to mingle after losing 14 pounds earlier last year.

While Adele is quite private about her personal life, her weight loss journey has recently gained a lot of attention.

After hiring a personal trainer, Adele incorporated a 60-minute cardio workout along with circuit training and Pilates—and finally, all her hard work paid off as she managed to shed the extra pounds successfully.

Anne Hegerty

ann hegerty transformation

Anne Hegerty, The Chase star, is also among one of the famous few who managed to lose some extra pounds and stunned her fans with her renewed confidence.

And the best part is; she lost her weight publicly while being a part of a popular show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here in 2018.”  

The 61-year-old, Anne Hegerty embarked on her weight loss journey as the show put celebrities in the jungle in Australia to live on their own. With very basic ration, participants of the show eat healthy and live closer to the nature.

Most participants of the show lose weight, but almost everyone regains the lost weight over time. But that was not the case with Hegerty. She not only managed to lose 6 kg weight but has managed to keep the weight off.

And with her weight loss, the confidence she gained has prepared her to consider dating.

Catherine Tyldseley

catherine tyldesley transformation

The former Coronation Street star, Catherine Tyldseley, dropped from a size 22 to a size 10, shedding more than six stone.

When inquired by The Mirror how she managed to turn things, the 36-year-old explains that she regularly works out and has cut down on fast food and processed meals.

For her, consuming a balanced diet is the key to a healthy life. And exercise plays an important role in releasing endorphins.

“Along the way, I learned to understand just how important a healthy, balanced diet is. It sparked my huge interest in healthy living and nutrition.” explains the star.

And with this change in her approach towards diet and exercise, everything about her personality improved. Her energy levels, skin, and hair! And the weight loss was just a by-product!

Jorge Garcia

jorge garcia weight loss

The “Hawaii 5-O” and “Lost” star, Jorge Garcia, is not only praised for his amazing acting skills, but for his incredible weight loss journey.

The 47-year old actor struggled with his food addiction and it was not until he reached 400 lbs. that he considered his eating habits a problem, but once he reached this hallmark, he started to reconsider how destructive his eating habits were.

Not only was he continuously gaining weight but he was also at risk of developing severe medical conditions, including Type 2 diabetes.

After working with nutritional experts and workout coaches, he finally managed to embark on a challenging and frustrating journey towards weight loss. By replacing fast food and junk with fresh fruits and vegetables and transitioning from a high carb diet to a protein rich-diet, he finally began to see the results.

Jorge quit alcohol, which adds to weight and tried several things, including “Nooch”, also known as Nutritional Yeast, which is considered an efficient way of losing weight.

He also incorporated physical activity in his routine, including basic stretching along with jogging and running. And the results will astonish you.

Gemma Collins

gemma collins diet

Gemma’s fans were impressed at her weight loss transformation.

The journey started in 2019 when she competed in Dancing On Ice and used this opportunity to mix physical exertion with a balanced diet. And you can see the results now.

She managed to shed those extra pounds, but it was not solely due to a lifestyle change. Gemma also used £250 weight loss injections that helped the star lose even more weight.

While some fans believe that she may have altered her pictures for a new look, that is not really the case. Gemma has managed to lose three stone and want to lose an additional three stones to get down to size 16 so she can get a breast reduction surgery.  

Lisa Riley

lisa riley weight loss

The 41-year-old, Mandy Dingle of ITV soap Emmerdale, actress Lisa Riley, dropped from a UK-sized 30 to 14.

So what is her secret behind this tremendous weight loss?

While many criticize her for undergoing a secret weight reduction surgery and getting the dream figure, the reality is quite different. 

The Manchester-born star claims that it was her dad who became her weight loss inspiration. She has already lost her mother and cancer and didn’t want to repeat history.

So when her dad was hospitalized and diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2015, it was the time when Lisa promised herself to bring the change in her lifestyle. And that motivation was enough for Lisa to lose a whopping 11-stone in less than two years.

She gave up the sedentary lifestyle, get moving with Zumba, cut down portion size, opted for healthier meals, and give up the booze.

But Lisa’s weight loss journey was not without its ups and downs. Regardless, the star was never disappointed and continued to strive towards her goal. More power to Lisa!

Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardaashian body transformation

Losing three stone is not always easy, but Khloe Kardashian certainly made it look that way.

The youngest of the 3 Kardashian sisters, Khloe was always chubby but never paid much attention to her weight so what inspired her to lose weight?

As a way out from stress of getting out of a negative relationship, Khloe channelled her energy into working out and it was then that she realized her passion for fitness. So what started as a way of managing stress eventually became a lifestyle that paid off in terms of a better figure.

Combining an active lifestyle with a balanced, healthy diet, the star ended up losing more than 30 pounds.

Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss journey is quite an inspiration for people around the world.

Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy weight loss

Melissa McCarthy needs no introduction.

As the Gilmore Girls actress and two-time Oscar-nominated star continued to play unforgettable roles in Hollywood comedies, she continued to put on weight, thanks to her sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

But very soon, she realized that there is no escape, and the onus of her weight loss is solely on her. So somewhere in 2016, she started her weight loss journey on a treadmill. But it was not just physical activity alone.

She resorted to lifestyle change, along with the use of weight loss injections and viola! She lost 75 pounds. And the best part is, she has still maintained her weight.

Timothy Spall

timothy spall weight loss

Age is just a number and that holds true even if you set up to embark on your weight loss journey.

The British actor and the Harry Potter star, now aged 65, head out to lose weight in 2014 by adopting a healthy lifestyle by cutting on food and alcohol.

With this persistent change in lifestyle, he surprised his fans in 2017, which his drastic change in appearance.

Spall claims that weight loss makes him feel “liberated” and has given his acting career a significant uplift. So from being a supporting actor, he is now in a position to be a leading actor.

While his healthier lifestyle is supporting weight loss, it is also helping him fight his tough battle with leukaemia. Go Spall!

Tom Watson

tom watson weight loss

Around 3.7 million people in the UK have Type 2 diabetes, and the diagnosis of this condition was the turning point in Tom Watson’s life.

The Labour Party deputy leader, who once weighed 140 kg, has managed to lose 44 kg of his weight and reversing Type 2 diabetes.

Eager to know how he did it?

The answer is simple. All you need is a lifestyle change with a lot of determination and patience. For Tom, it took more than 25 years to gain control over his diet and lifestyle, but once he did, the change was soon apparent.

By cutting down on carbs and accomplishing his daily target of 10,000 steps, he lost weight and managed to reverse a chronic medical condition. Cutting on sugar was the first and one of the most important steps for him.

And he claims that if you try and work hard on your lifestyle early, it is possible to reverse a serious medical condition like Type 2 diabetes.

With more and more people around the world getting affected by this condition around the world, Tom Watson is surely an inspiration.

Final Words

As we tend to scrutinize celebrities’ lives, there is so much we can learn from them, especially about their weight loss journeys.

While a few resorted to weight loss injections, surgeries, and weight loss supplements, all the celebrities who have managed to lose weight couldn’t have done it without changing their diet and lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for?

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